Letter to the Editor: Barking dog

Dear Editor: 

A few months ago I contacted SEAACA for assistance regarding a dog's excessive barking. I was told they would send someone out and to give it a couple of weeks and call back if the problem continues. When, after a few weeks, the barking persisted, I called SEAACA again. 

The return call from an animal control officer informed me they had gone out, the dog had food and water, the license was current, and the dog owner had said something would be done about the barking. When I said the barking was continuing, she told me they were doing me a favor going out to the house and couldn't sit outside the residence 24 hours a day. 

I inquired if there was anything in the way of a fine for the excess barking which is a nuisance; she said it's a civil issue and I can "lawyer up" if I want. She also said another household had called regarding the same dog and we could sign a petition (which SEAACA provides) with a minimum of three signatures and go to court about the barking. 

There is bound to be some barking when one owns a dog; I understand one cannot totally stop a dog from barking. But I am left with two choices: either continue to put up with the excessive barking (which occurs at variable hours) or try to get two other people to sign the petition and go to court. 

I did once attempt to speak to a dog owner whose puppy was left out all-night and whined and barked the whole night. I was informed, "That's what dogs do."

There is more responsibility involved in having a dog that just giving it food and water. 

Suzanne Dodd