Letter to the Editor: Bellflower councilman's lewd joke

Dear Editor:

I am very upset that a Bellflower city council meeting started with an XXX rated joke about rape by a councilman, and not a prayer or a flag salute.

I believe what we witnessed and heard violated the city’s, school district’s, county’s, state’s, and federal government’s sexual harassment policies to prevent a hostile work in environment at city hall for employees and citizens. The punchline of the councilman’s joke tried to normalize rape and other crimes reserved for XXX movies for the very disturbed.

The dirty joke culture of the council should give all parents pause when giving permission for their students/ children to attend or watch city council meetings for civics credit in person, on local cable or online. Luckily, the joke was given just before the meeting started for the sake of those children who could have been watching.

Since November and December, I have sent the council testimony and other evidence to be considered for an ethics review of this same councilman. Bellflower’s inaction now has given this councilman the idea he can say anything, and this violates government policies to protect students, employees, and taxpayer dollars.

John Paul Drayer