Letter to the Editor: Bicycle transit

Dear Editor:

I’m a big fan of public transit…always have been! I’m very grateful that I can now take the Expo Line into Culver City for work.

For the purposes of expediency and convenience, I take my bike with me at all times during my routes around town. It is getting increasingly problematic taking my bike onto the Expo Line. The designated locations for bikes are lacking in both space and number. There is no place to secure the bike causing me to have to awkwardly hold the bike upright while trying to keep myself steady. This often makes the people around me uncomfortable.

Designated trains for bikes are inadequately marked leaving me to scramble to find one. I often just board on any car, afraid that I might miss the train. 

The other problem is that there are often not enough cars to meet the service demands, especially if a train is running 10 to 15 minutes behind. 

Is it possible to retrofit all LA Metro lines in a similar way to what the Metro Transit Light Rail does in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

I think it is also necessary to put 3-slotted bike racks on all buses. I’ve had to miss a bus and witnessed many others have to wait for the next bus because the 2-slotted rack was full.

I would be happy to volunteer my time to facilitate in a much-needed solution and look for others to help. 

Lacey Johnson