Letter to the Editor: Bookstore in Downey

Dear Editor: 

Last week’s Facebook comments included one lamenting the fact that we do not have a bookstore in Downey.

While we do not have a Barnes & Noble or a Pasadena Vroman’s, we do have a wonderful “used books” store operated by the volunteers with the non-profit, Friends of the Downey City Library. It is located in the library near the young adult section. 

There is a wide selection of paperbacks available for $.50 or less and hardbacks for $1-$3. Magazines are available for just as reasonable a price. In addition we have gift cards for all occasions, most for $1, and, if you need a flash drive while you’re working in the library, we have that, too, along with earbuds and Tootsie Pops for your sweet tooth! 

We receive hundreds and hundreds of used books, magazines, even CD’s on occasion, as donations from library patrons and supporters. Occasionally we have special sales of collections, perhaps on the Civil War or gardening for example. Once a month we have a silent bid auction on a selection of 12 books/items, which are on display in the lobby of the library. The Patriot has been a great support in announcing our sales in the paper. All proceeds go to a number of library programs, including their wonderful summer children’s program. 

In addition, a café just opened at the north end of the library where you can sit and enjoy your favorite specialty or non-coffee drinks while you munch on a burrito, wrap, panini or enjoy some bakery goods. So, drop in to your city library, which you will find a very busy place, and browse through our used bookstore!

Nancy Krusbe
Friends of the Downey City Library