Letter to the Editor: Change in policy

Dear Editor:

In your article last week, you asserted that it is time to change the Opinion section of The Downey Patriot to allow for more local information. The premise is if one betters the community, the country as a whole will benefit. 

I applaud you for your courage in making that decision. It is your paper and because I read it every week, it is also my paper and I share your thoughts.

Change is good! As we change we allow our neurons to make new connections and to improve our way of thinking.

I don’t have a problem with the 300-word essay. I think it is healthy that we try to write in a few words what we mean.

Regarding the subject and the topic itself, it is up to the writer. One needs to write about what one is passionate about. 

As my wife Anita and I walk around the city almost every day with our bags to collect trash and get exercise, we can see that there are a lot things we can do to keep improving this city to make it safe and beautiful.

Thanks again for the taking the steps necessary to change the way we write and what we write about. Change is good as long as the doors are always open to protect our First Amendment.

Guido Rivero