Letter to the Editor: Children's healthcare

Dear Editor: 

California’s Children’s Hospital has just recently been named one of the country’s top children’s hospitals. With the drastic cuts in Medicaid, hospitals such as these would lose funding and services that are desperately needed.

Cutting services such as speech and physical therapy can impair the learning ability of many children that rely on these programs to grow and succeed in our world.

As a millennial, this cut in funding for children’s healthcare makes me fear the health care that my future children will have access to. A parent should never have to choose whether to pay for their children’s health care bills or pay bills for their families’ basic needs.

Children and entire families would be punished if this new health bill passes, punished for medical conditions that they have no control or say in. This is Un-American, inhumane.
Daniela Anzueto, Lindy Castillo, Sara Escalante, Madelin Melara
(The authors of this letter are Masters of Social Work candidates at Cal State Long Beach.)