Letter to the Editor: Christmas parade

Dear Editor:

Who is responsible for the (lack of) planning for this event on the same day as our Christmas parade?

I, as well as many others, were effectively cut off from leaving or returning to our homes. I have lived in Downey for 35+ years (within the parade zone) and every year have planned my parade day errands around this event always knowing that I could make it in and out, although with some difficulty. Not this year.

I was out and about early and was trying to return home at 10:30 a.m. when I found that I was absolutely not allowed to drive to my home. The only option was to find parking and walk. OK, so this was not the end of the world for me. But what if I had a passenger with disabilities or a carload of perishable groceries?

The impact of this additional same day event was not thought out and adequate information was not given. I could have planned my day around this had I known. Everyone in the affected areas should have been given proper individual written notice of the closures that would occur including the advisory that no access in or out would be allowed during specified hours. I encountered many angry residents on my walk home.

The City of Downey and the Downey Chamber of Commerce owe us an apology.

Cathy Harman


Dear Editor:

In the future, perhaps it would be a good idea to check with the churches near the parade route and arrange to block their access after worship services!

Anyone who needed to use Downey Avenue or Brookshire Avenue or to even cross them to get to church after 9:45 am was out of luck today. Until this year, that has never happened.

Several people were undoubtedly prohibited from exercising their religious freedom by prematurely blocking access to these churches.

Pat Ray


Dear Editor:

I am very disappointed with how the city of Downey handled the 5K and Christmas parade. The total incompetence and mismanagement of city officials to plan street closures was incredible.

Residents who live on Downey Avenue or Brookshire Avenue were not able to access their typical parking spots. My building has a gated lot for residents, and we were not even able to access said lot, and forced to park blocks away. I also noted how residents were not even able to leave the area due to the street closures and the run.

When I asked when the run was over, I was told that there is no set time, therefore the city didn't even know when residents would be able to park back in their usual spots. I could only imagine what would happen if a family emergency were to happen, or if someone tried to leave for work around the time of these closures.

I know the city is better than this. I surely hope we get some answers. 

John J.