Letter to the Editor: City survey

Dear Editor:

This is about a survey I received from the City of Downey. 

Open letter to the City: Forget your four stupid questions on street repairs, police, etc. Let’s get down to the important questions. 

1.) Why did you waste some $80,000 of taxpayer money on consultant fees? If you were putting the city first, this would never be done. 

2.) Why again did you have the beautiful trees removed between the library and City Hall to put concrete in its place? I was told by City Hall that a coffee stand was going to be there. This is again a waste of taxpayers’ money. 

3.) After all this, now you want to raise our sales tax by a half-cent so you will have extra spending money. 

Besides, you also want to hire a committee to watch over how this money will be spent. Do some of your cronies need a job? 

4.) How many people did you have to hire to read all the comments you received? We are not stupid, we know this is the prelude to raising the sales tax. 
Lorraine Stevens