Letter to the Editor: Clinton beats Sanders

Dear Editor:

The Margaret Hittinger letter of June 16 appeared less than a paragon of accuracy (“The Fix is In,” Letters to the Editor). 

Most extrapolations post election had Hillary Clinton winning handily. A respected poll done for the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, and the Los Angeles Times on June 10, had Hillary Clinton winning by over 12 percentage points. No polls had the election as “too close to call.” 

As for the Bernie Sanders followers who referred to the election as “rigged” because of the preponderance of superdelegates who chose Clinton over Sanders, it is basically a moot point. How so? Nationwide, Clinton garnered more than 3 million more popular votes than Sanders did. 
That basically clinches it for Clinton, unless we take the extraordinary tact of ignoring the popular vote.

Jack Russell