Letter to the Editor: Community art center

Dear Editor: 

My name is Matthew Mejia and I am a freshman at the University of San Francisco. I attended St. John Bosco High School and I am a Downey native. 

I’ve recently started working on a magazine called abuntu where we talk about community and why is it important. You can find us on instagram @abuntumag but I'm writing this because I believe that Downey needs more activity places, rather than eating places.

I think Downey could really benefit from having a community art center where kids, teenagers and adults could come to create. We have food places, we have martial arts places, but the spaces for arts seem to be lacking. 

I’m not sure who to contact about making this vision into a reality but hopefully this letter helps. I know we have the Stay Gallery but having an art studio open to a public with access to materials is something we need, especially for the children.

Matthew Mejia