Letter to the Editor: Congress

Dear Editor: 

I hope everyone closely read "Sadly Congress Seems OK with Being Weak" by Lee Hamilton (Downey Patriot, 12/17/15) telling us that Congress only works less than one-half of the year (so many holidays). Don't know if that's a blessing or a curse. 

Just think how much more they could put us in debt working full-time. (Currently every man, woman and child in America owes $232,000 to pay off our debt). But if they were there full-time, they might have had time to read the over 2,0000 pages of the budget, assuming they are literate. 

If they only work one-half of the year, why are we paying them a full year's wages? 

But whey should they work? Just turn over all power to the President. I have an idea! Why don't they retire? They will still receive the same pay as they receive for not working now. However, if they retire they should only receive half pay when they retire. I've wondered why we pay them now for only signing a horrendous spending bill at the President's bidding. However, they do consider more tax money, as does the California Legislature who just recently voted themselves a $5,000 a year raise. I understand they only get $142 a day spending money!

Did one ever consider that we have cut our military back to pre-1942 standards, when they give Planned Parenthood a half billion every year to kill babies? Wouldn't you think this could go toward upgrading our military? The babies aren't threatening terrorism, so why kill them? 

We are bringing Syrians into the U.S., having no idea if some will plan another 9/11 or San Bernardino. Of course, the UN will vet them. Hope they're as good as the ones who allowed the San Bernardino terrorists to enter. But we can't expect Homeland Security or our other worthless government officials to do that. As Mr. Hamilton says, "They fail repeatedly to do the kind of oversight of federal agencies that could eliminate wasted resources." 

Our Supreme Court deals with abortions, same sex marriage, affirmative action, but take heart. America seems to be headed for legalization of marijuana. So our lazy Congress now should be finding out how much tax money is needed to establish rehab facilities. They're expensive. Wouldn't it be nice if they considered the lives of our youth above tax money for drugs? California's Democrats will have it on their platform in 2016. It's illegal in the U.S. but who cares as long as it brings in tax money for them to spend? 

Mr. Hamilton is right. Congress, stand up and take back your co-equal part of the government or get out and let someone who likes the U.S. in. 

People, are you going to take action or just sit it out like Congress? If you care at all, you will go to the phone and dial (866) 220-0044 and make your views known to anyone in Congress. I don't mean once, I mean several times a day and more than one day. 

If you don't you're going to get just what you deserve. 

Elsa Van Leuven