Letter to the Editor: Coyote attacks

Dear Editor:

First of all, I want to give my condolences to Michelle Mac-Lean over the loss her beloved dog, Maggie. Maggie was yet another victim of the rampant coyote problem in the city of Downey.

I am totally fed up and disappointed with the city of Downey's management of the coyote problem in our community. The city has issued many instructions and warnings on how to deal with coyotes, but these measures are ineffective.

Downey, like many other cities in Southern California, have taken their cues from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. These measures instruct people to take precautionary measures such as leaving their trash sealed, not leaving pet food out, shooing coyotes away if they encounter them. These are measures that so many people in Downey adhere to already, and they at not helping keep citizens or our beloved pets safe.

We need new and effective ways to manage this terrible coyote problem. The city is letting all of us down tremendously. They are leaving the coyote population unchecked and free to brutally maul, kill, and eat our family pets.

Any cursory research on coyotes in Southern California will show you that many cities, notably Long Beach, Irvine, and Seal Beach, have had countless pet deaths and dangerous run-ins with coyotes. Furthermore, any more cursory research online will show you that once coyotes begin to eat pets and lose their fear of people, they usually grow much bolder and begin to attack children and adults. 

Following the Department of Fish and Wildlife recommendations does nothing to help keep us or our pets safe. The city of Downey must take action now.

Pat Aldo