Letter to the Editor: Coyotes are out of control

Dear Editor:

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning four pet dogs were killed and one is at a veterinarian receiving treatment. That's five pets in three days attacked by coyotes. Our pets are being attacked in their own yards day and night.

We must get together Tuesday night, March 14, at the City Council meeting at 6:30 pm and tell our City Council this is totally unacceptable. The people get to talk first so we won't have to be there too late.

Fish and Game needs to come in and trap and euthanize the coyotes now. They have no natural predators here and they will continue breeding until your children won't be safe playing in their own yards. Even elderly people walking on the sidewalks will be vulnerable to attacks.

For now, no matter the size or how many animals you have, please keep them indoors at night. We all know even if it's daytime they are roaming around and have killed, so supervise your dogs when they go out to potty or play.

Keep a can of wasp spray handy -- it can spray up to 20 feet and you just might save the life of your pet. 

Please, even if you just see them walking around, call the Department of Fish and Game at (562) 596-3885 and report them. 

Please, everyone come down  to the City Council and help us save our beloved pets. Those of you that have already lost pets, it's most important you come and tell your heart-breaking stories. This is how you get things done in a city.

We can stop this. Hope to see you there.

Helen Burns