Letter to the Editor: Defending Cristina Garcia

Dear Editor:

In response to Ms. Jackson’s criticism of Cristina Garcia, our 58th District Assemblymember, for speaking out against the rise in hate crimes in the wake of our nation’s most tumultuous presidential election, I strongly disagree with Jackson’s unfounded view of Ms. Garcia.

She describes Cristina as being biased, unprofessional and not representative of her districts’ constituents. However, this claim could not be further from the truth. In fact, Cristina is known to work tenaciously across party lines to get things done. Well respected among state officials and civic leaders, her work ethic is commendable. 

Since the inception of her political career, Cristina has displayed extraordinary leadership as an activist, exposing political corruption of a local municipality and championing a bill that ensures more accountability and transparency across city government. Serving a mere four years in the State Assembly, Cristina has championed several assembly bills that benefit Californians:

AB 1561- addresses gender inequity, exposing the unfair Tampon tax women endure
AB 701- updates the outdated definition of rape to finally bring greater justice to rape victims
AB 2153- addresses cyberbullying both on and off campus
AB 2153- exposes toxic wastes contamination and demands clean up in affected communities
AB 9- repeals the Tampon Tax referred to as AX the TAX which will be pushed during the 2017-2018 legislative session.

Indeed, her actions speak for themselves, and her activism is incomparable.

Moreover, as a former high school and college educator, her Young Legislators’ Program mentors local high school students toward becoming future community activists and leaders of tomorrow. She firmly believes in the importance of education as a means of empowerment and civic engagement. Indeed, she is a champion of the people, who should freely exercise her 1st amendment right to express views that greatly impact the communities she serves.

We may not fully agree with every opinion our leaders express; however, when one fights as painstakingly as Cristina to educate and defend the populous, then we should recognize a vibrant, dynamic and caring leader when we see one. As such, it is equally important to delineate effective leadership that is responsive, inclusive and just from the likes of a demagogue, whose harsh rhetoric divides our nation and incites hate.

Assuredly, Cristina will not be silenced as our cities (and nation) beg for just solutions to ever increasing divisive issues. 

Sandra Nevarez