Dear Editor: 

The letter written by Ms. Marroquin-Frometa shows what's wrong with America. Everything has to be about race!

When I first saw it on the news, I never thought Trump was rude to Ramos. He told Ramos that he "wasn't called" and looked back to the reporter who was. But Ramos kept going. Trump repeated it two or three more times, and never in a disrespectful way, but Ramos wouldn't shut up or sit down. My thought was that Ramos was the rude one.

Yes, good reporters are aggressive. But there is a difference between the way a "Breaking News Brief" and a "Press Conference" are handled. Even during a "Breaking News Brief", most reporters shut up when the person speaking makes eye contact and points to a reporter.

I get a kick out her phrase "ignorant generalizations". I believe she's doing exactly that. Trump has a person removed from the press conference, and it's because of race. She is also repulsed by Trump's "disrespect to all people."

I think Trump respects people as a whole, but is very vocal about the one's he doesn't like.
Yes, he has a huge ego. But show me a politician who doesn't.

Like him or not, you have to admit that Trump is changing the political world. Did you ever think Jeb Bush would just tell people to "chill out" when they took offense to "anchor babies"? Before Trump, (to get votes) Bush would have stumbled his way through some sort of apology.

Rodney King (RIP) said it best: "Why can't we just get along?"  FYI: I'm a white guy!

Jim Cuddy