Letter to the Editor: Defending Trump

Dear Editor:

I’m sure the Downey Patriot won’t mind if this letter is long since most of the Opinion page was dedicated to trashing President-Elect Donald Trump, who has been condemned before he has done anything as President. 

Re: the op-ed “Sorry, I Can’t Give Trump a Chance” by Jill Richardson -- sorry, you don’t have a choice. Ms. Richardson authored the book, “Recipe for America: Why Our Food System is Broken.” Could the inept administration of President Obama be the reason it’s broken? He had eight years and it is not fixed. 

Was she referring to the marriage of Bill and Hillary in the marriage section? I believe it was Anito Rivero who wrote we all should get behind Hillary and give her a chance. Now is she ready to get behind Mr. Trump and see what he will do? 

When Ms. Richardson says Trump does absolutely everything he can get away with, I see she has totally overlooked what Hillary has done. Can’t count how many emails she has allowed to be leaked to foreign governments have hacked into them, is constantly losing papers and has “shaken down” every foreign country she visited for her foundation, even to pay for Chelsea’s wedding dress out of foundation money. 

I think President Obama has already wrecked our democracy -- correction, our republic. Who is going to pay the almost $20 trillion debt? This is not counting much more in unfunded pensions. Or what about the 90 some million unemployed, the 50 million on food stamps, and now we’re responsible for thousands of refugees coming into the U.S., not properly vetted. They are on federal and state payrolls for us to support. They get everything a citizen gets. 

Also, I’m sick of people calling people homophobes who do not believe in same-sex marriage, who don’t believe in Biblical teachings and who believe in uni-sex bathrooms. Mr. Trump has addressed same sex marriage by saying “it is the law” (Supreme Court). 

Though I don’t believe in it, I’m not in the streets picketing and destroying property. I also don’t like NAFTA and by now most of the nation realizes that Obamacare premiums are out of sight and it’s a total failure. 

Now to our humble school librarian, Julia Desalernos. Since Mr. Trump was elected, she won’t salute the flag, dishonoring the brave men who have died fighting for the U.S. She will just bow her head and pray? What is her prayer? Remember the U.S. had a Democrat President for eight years. Does she pray for change? I do. 

What specifically have the people done that causes shame? Was it voting in an election? Other than that, the new administration has not yet taken office. What have they done to the children? If they’re in poverty, it would be the Obama administration that put them there. 

Your beloved President Obama has put this country in an unmanageable debt, and in danger because of his weak approach to ISIS. He hasn’t made us feel safe or supported. I’m sure many have worked hard to give all children a safe and excellent education. 

Who has taken away the voice of women? If you mean murdering babies (abortion), 60 million have already been killed. Just how many do you think is acceptable? Maybe they need to use contraceptives. 

Mr. Trump has not yet changed any health plan. If your neighbors don’t feel safe, maybe it’s because of President Obama’s sanctuary cities where crimes are committed and then protected. 

I, too, wonder what happened to this great nation in the past eight years.

Elsa Van Leuven