Letter to the Editor: Democratic hypocrisy

Dear Editor: 

I find it interesting that Rep. Linda Sanchez is so concerned about tax reform being achieved by one party and suggesting bipartisan agreements for working families and the middle class.

Where was this interest when Obamacare was passed by only one party? Were working families asked our opinion then? No partisan agreement there.

And what about all the taxes being passed by Gov. Jerry Brown and Sacramento without voter consent? Isn't that what Jerry promised? But even he admitted everything politicians say are lies. Our car registrations have gone up, two separate gas taxes are being implemented, all without our consent. They lie and say it's for road repair, but they've had that money for a long time and use it for other programs.

So Linda, before you start spewing your righteous propaganda, take a look in your own backyard. 

Rosie Shelley
South Gate