Letter to the Editor: Disappointed with SEAACA

Dear Editor:

While watching ABC-7 about adopting dogs, our family went to SEAACA on Sept. 25 to adopt a male puppy. 

We waited while the attendant went to check if the puppy was available. We were told he was. 

We went to the front to pay the $135. The nice lady told us to come back on Sept. 29 to pick up the dog after he had been neutered and shots given. 

When we arrived at the pick-up time of 3:30, the paperwork (which we saw) had "male" crossed out and "female" was marked in. We saw the female and she was sickly. We didn't want it at all. The attendance knew that. 

We waited while they figured out they had made a mistake and then proceeded to tell us our male dog had already been adopted. 

We adopted first! What chaos. 

We didn't want our money back, we wanted our dog. Needless to say, we got nowhere with the supervisor. He said to my husband, "The dogs are the property of SEAACA and they can do what they want to with the animals." Sounds like bait and switch. 

No apologies. The attitude was nonchalant. 

What a nightmare. We will never go there again. We are senior citizens and have had dogs forever. What a disappointment.

Richard, Linda and Valerie Herrera