Dear Editor:

Last night about 10:30 p.m. my wife was walking our little Shih Tzu when it was attacked by a larger dog, running loose. My wife couldn't get the dog off but fortunately a gentleman who she THINKS was walking his dogs came to her aid and got them separated. My little girl got hurt pretty bad but the vet says she should be fine after surgery. 

This is a sincere THANK YOU to the anonymous Samaritan that put himself and maybe his dogs at risk by stepping in and helping out. If you read this, you know who you are. Without your intervention the injuries might easily have been more severe or even fatal.

Please people, lock your dogs up, secure them somehow or bring them inside. To the owner, your dog probably came home from its late night run fat, dumb and happy. Check your dog's muzzle, there is likely blood on it. If it was your dog, please do the right thing and step forward. There are vet bills that are your responsibility if you are a responsible pet owner. I'm sure you can contact me through the Patriot. 

My wife is understandably upset witnessing such an attack and being helpless to do anything. My pup is spending time in the vet's office waiting for surgery this afternoon. Your dog came home uninjured, which I can guarantee would not have been the case had i been walking with them.

Keith Underwood