Letter to the Editor: Downey problems

Dear Editor:

Los Amigos Golf Course rents out their hall for parties, they have music blaring after midnight
that disturbs all of the residents in the vicinity. It’s just terrible and something needs to be done.

Everyone in the city doesn’t need to hear their music blaring, they need to conform to the same
rules that the rest of us live by, and stop playing music by 10 p.m.

Another big problem in the City of Downey, especially to the residents that live near the riverbed
on Stewart and Gray, is that car thiefs are breaking into our cars on a daily basis. Residents have reported that these car thieves hang out in the riverbed, and when the opportunity strikes they break into cars all along Stewart and Gray, and quickly escape back into the riverbed.

The riverbed entrance is actually in the City of South Gate, right where the border of Downey is. Downey Police do patrol the area when you give them a call, but if these criminals are working 24 hours a day, what else can we do?

Patty Jackson