Letter to the Editor: Dump Trump

Dear Editor: 

What is wrong with Donald Trump? 

Every time someone says something he does not like, he comes up with things like "liar," "crook," "thief," etc. With him it's always me, me, me. 

Then he goes on about how people are against him; it's always him that's being attacked. Everything that comes up against him are lies. His potty mouth, if he becomes president, will only make the rest of the world dislike the United States even more. He shows no signs of toning down the way he talks and the fact that he thinks he is perfect. If that's perfection, I am thankful I am not perfect. 

So what are the people that don't want another 4-8 years like these last eight years to do? We can't have that kind of negative stuff coming out of our president's mouth. Trump has not toned down his speech and I seriously believe Trump does not even know how. Do we really want to take that chance? 

So now we, who are are really concerned about how our country can survive the next four years, have no one running who can bring back the respect we used to have around the world. 

I just turned 89 years young and have seen so much and have voted every year as soon as I could do so, and now I have to look forward to this. 

Who do we vote for this year, no one? 

Thank you for reading my frustration, but alas, it is a very serious situation. God bless this country and God help us. 

Barbara Alford


Dear Editor:

The op-ed by Donald Kaul (3/10/16) I accept as normal.  Using his own words, “They are united by a single characteristic: They’re no smarter than a box of rocks.”

Congratulations to Donald Kaul for describing the people who follow Trump, I give an “A” for this description.

The people who support Trump do not love this great country of the United States of America.  They do not love their neighbors, Mexico. They do not love humanity, they only love themselves. They are perfect narcissists.  

Trump lies, he is a lying genius. He can tell you a lie and make it sound like the truth. Donald Kaul, ambassador for Trump, encourage us to imitate Russia, Iran, and North Korea.  He tells us that this is good. “We need a leader who matches our enemies, lie for lie.”  

Reading this article is impossible for me to accept that there are people who believe lies are the foundation of our lives. Donald Kaul is not original in this way of thinking. In the French Revolution, Voltaire said, “Is politics nothing other than the art of deliberately lying”.

Hopefully our country will never have a President who governs with his lies. No matter how you want to spin a lie, sooner or later the truth will be discovered and the effects are catastrophic. We don’t have to lie. We must use our intelligence and distinguish the good from the bad.

All the Presidents when taking the oath of office have their hand on the Bible and promise to defend the country and the constitution. If Trump becomes President, his first action as President will be the first lie. The Bible condemns the lie, the 7th Commandment says, “Thou shall not lie”.

Remember, followers of Trump, that unhappiness comes from one lie.  The serpent said to Eve, if you eat this fruit you will be like God. Eve knowing that it was a lie she ate the forbidden fruit and you know what happened.  

Americans, don’t allow Donald Trump to confuse us with his eloquence. Prove to him we are intelligent people and we will not surrender to his lies.

Tony Romero