Letter to the Editor: Enforce immigration laws

Dear Editor:

Since November 13, I have read three articles in the Press-Telegram about Jose Alvarez, his family, and their fight to get him to be able to return to California, and now some politicians are supporting it. Why?

He entered the US illegally. (At least twice: the article dated Nov. 13 states he was "deported on two earlier occasions", which would make it three times.)

He also was convicted and served time for drug violations.

That is at least three illegal acts he has committed.

Mr. Alvarez made choices knowing what the consequences might be, and made his decisions. Now he and his family expect him to be rewarded for his decisions by letting him come back to the US?

Yes, I feel sorry for the family, but it was Mr. Alvarez's actions that caused it.

I'm tired of hearing about Illegal Immigrants should be allowed to stay because they are only trying to better their lives. Name one person who did an illegal act not thinking their lives would be better for it. Not to compare illegal acts, but murders think their life would be better without the person they kill. Robbers are just trying to get some extra money.

Even ISIS (as sick as they are) are doing what they're doing thinking they would have a better life if everyone lived with a radical Muslim belief. ("Radical" is the key word. This is no offense most Muslims.)

So where do you draw the line? Illegal is illegal.

This is written not by a racist, prejudice, or unforgiving man, but as a law abiding citizen.

Jim Cuddy