Letter to the Editor: Fake tears

Dear Editor: 

"Cry Me a River" -- remember that song? 

President Obama was moved to tears for those who have been killed by a gun. Many have shed tears over the deaths of so many innocent people. I'm wondering why it took Obama so long or was it on the teleprompter: "cry here"? 

Was this because he wants to do away with guns? I ask this because I didn't see a tear shed over the thousands and thousands of babies murdered by Planned Parenthood and promoted by this administration. Almost a half-billion of our tax money is given every year to do this. 

I don't recall his being so touched when he, Hillary and Susan Rice lied about the deaths of the four in Benghazi -- no tears -- for for the death of Kate Steinle, who was shot in San Francisco by an illegal alien criminal who was protected by a government-sponsored sanctuary city -- no tears. Nor the U.S. Border Patrol officer who was killed by one of the almost 1,000 guns that Attorney General Eric Holder gave to the Mexican drug cartels -- no tears and also no punishment for Holder. 

Speaking of guns, Mr. Obama now wants to have more control over gun owners, so he accomplished it by presidential edict. Kind of the way Hitler started off, wasn't it? 

Mr. President, many feel like crying when we see what you and your crooked administration have done to the U.S., ie Obamacare, tearing down our military, permitting the IRS and VA crooks to go unpunished. Have you cried over the baliant military, serving our country, who have died, lost arms an dlegs, and suffered other things while their families are suffering too? Some died for a VA appointment while the VA falsified records to they and the IRS could receive their bonuses -- no tears there. 

I think there will be tears when we see what will happen when Mr. Obama brings in many, many thousands of mostly young Syrian men (70 percent Muslin, 30 percent Christian), with no one who can properly vet them. As refugees they will receive everything citizens get. Also, because of so many illegally entering, we now see diseases we had stamped out (tuberculosis, polio). But, you see, we need people to take our jobs at lesser salaries. 

We can also sing "Cry Me a River" for the trillions of dollars of debt we can't pay. 

Wish Mr. Obama had told us what the "fundamental changes" were before he took our country down. Did they really want more people on food stamps, more illegals, a President wh owould bow and scrape before Muslim nations, being rude and ignoring our only friend in the area, Israel? And giving in to Putin, more unemployment, a dictator who does everything by executive order, a weakened military, an administration that thinks it's OK to lie and a treaty he and John Kerry signed with Iran, that could lead to missiles striking the U.S. and Israel. 

Mr. President, if that happens, be careful, it could lead to global warming!

Elsa Van Leuven