Letter to the Editor: Fed up with Democrats

Dear Editor: 

I’m in complete agreement with Betty Logan. If the Democrats are in office we’re going to pay more taxes.

They have tried for years to break Prop. 13. If they get the Parcel Tax (ACA6) passed it will override the 2/3 majority of Pro. 13 to pass taxes and it will be a simple majority and they can raise taxes anytime. Maybe California politicians could cut their salaries and pensions and save us some money. Now is the time to call Assem. Cristina Garcia and Sen. Tony Mendoza (who is on record supporting it) and let them know we don’t want it.
Then on the front page of The Downey Patriot we read that our L.A. County Supervisors, Janice Hahn, Kuehl, Saliss, and Barger (all Democrats, apparently) didn’t have enough to do, so now they are wearing super-hero headbands (how cute) while discussing Hahn’s motion to remodel the Marina Del Rey Fire Station to accommodate both male and female firefighters and then expect other fire departments to do the same.

Our fire departments are doing just fine and we don’t need to spend taxpayers' money to accommodate both male and female locker rooms, dormitories and restroom facilities. Do they need a little headband too? Leave what is working well alone and find something useful to do that doesn’t include spending or raising tax money.
We’ve already seen what the Democrats did to our federal budget deficit and the healthcare that wasn’t supposed to cost us one dime more, or how they increased our national debt. What we need are fewer politicians ripping us off.
Marilyn Madru