Letter to the Editor: Frine Medrano unfit for City Council

Dear Editor:

I don’t like misleading campaign literature and I find that Frine Medrano is distributing just

I feel community experience and volunteering is critical to a good council member. Frine Medrano has none of that. In her mailings she lists no volunteer or city involvement yet states she can “get the job done right.” 

I, nor anyone I know, has ever saw her or heard her name in the dozens of organizations that I belong to. This worries me that a Sacramento expert is now wanting to run for Downey City Council.  

I also saw where her major funding is coming from and it isn’t from local residents.
Most of the candidates running have a good history of city involvement -- not Sacramento involvement. I don’t want someone who knows the big-wigs in Sacramento. I want someone who knows Downey. You should too. 
 According to her own mailings, she is “home grown.” How? Just because she graduated high school here? Her material says “A lifelong commitment to public service”? Where is any commitment to Downey? Nothing mentioned at the debate either.
In my opinion, she is a poor choice to run our city. I suggest she Invest her time in our city first.
Come back from Sacramento with their lobbyists and deal-makers and invest your time here.

Then in 5-10 years she will learn all about our great city and be qualified to run for City Council.
Dorothy Pemberton