Letter to the Editor: Gaucho Grill

Dear Editor:

I would like to commend Kirk Cartozian and Adrian Amosa for opening up the Gaucho Grill Argentine Steakhouse at the Promenade here in Downey. My husband took me there for my birthday last Saturday, and when I tasted the fine cuisine served here, I literally felt that I was in heaven.

My husband and I couldn’t decide on what to order from the menu at first because there are so many mouthwatering dishes to choose from. We finally settled on the salmon with the gauchito salad and Mediterranean grilled vegetables. What a treat that was! We then finished our meal with that famous bread pudding that my husband and I have heard so much about. I then felt like I went to heaven a second time after tasting this awesome dessert.

I have also tasted the beef short ribs and steaks here, and I have to say, “watch out, other steak restaurants, you are no match for Gaucho Grill”.  The wine selection is totally awesome and the atmosphere is so warm and friendly. I tip my hat off to Kirk and Adrian. Before  you start your meal, servers bring out a most delicious bread, and an “out of this world” pesto sauce. One could make a meal just out of the bread and pesto sauce alone, it is that great.

I also want to take my hat off to the fantastic service my husband and I received. We were served by the nicest waiter, David, and he was so helpful in every way possible. David explained the full menu to us, and even recommended what wines would best coincide with the particular dish you ordered from the menu.

So here’s to you Kirk and Adrian; Downey has the best steakhouse around, with the best servers, music, and atmosphere you’ll find nowhere else.

Jeannie Wood