Letter to the Editor: Good for Sean Ashton

Dear Editor: 

I can't use the term "honorable" here because of possible funny business going on behind the scenes and public view in denying one of Downey's duly-elected council members -- Sean Ashton -- to be passed over for the position of mayor pro tem. 

From reading the Downey Patriot, it appears that some shenanigans went on to deny Mr. Ashton a turn at the mayor pro tem spot. Meeting behind the scenes with a gang of four making such a decision could have the appearance of violating the Brown Act, as your constituents demand public input and scrutiny for honest government policy. Appearances many times turn out to be true. 

While there is no iron-clad rule that seats rotate to ensure that each council member will get their turn at the top seat, fairness and common sense dictate that each member should be treated fairly and honestly by other members. Usually such a ruling group used to be called a clique, or gang of four, not following the voting public's desire from their so-called leaders. 

I don't blame Mr. Ashton for speaking up after being overlooked so plainly. It is the only honest way to get the attention of the offenders and honesty for the voting constituents of his district. (That's why I don't like districts, because at-large means the entire city had a chance to elect members to serve all the people, not just those in their neighborhoods.) 

Mr. Ashton does not like suing his city, I'm sure, but what's right is right itself. 

Joe Cvetko
(The author is a former council member and mayor of Bellflower.)