Letter to the Editor: Healthy debate

Dear Editor:

The purpose of the newspaper is to inform the population of past, current and future events. An opinion section is for the healthy debate between opposing views. Debates are vital so the informed and uninformed can decide what stand they will take. The Downey Patriot should live up to its name.

College campuses are running amok. If your views differ from the majority, you are shouted down, harassed, and assaulted. Downey does not need this insanity!

One writer to the Editor stated "Our local newspaper should get with the program and represent the majority of the people who live in our beautiful city of Downey." Regardless of the Democrat / Republican population of Downey, healthy debate should always be allowed in the Downey Patriot.

Regardless of your political views, no American should be silenced. No shouting match is required. An exchange of views is all that is needed. That is why we vote. 

Bob Rodriguez