Letter to the Editor: Hector Lujan for City Council

Dear Editor:

I am a proud, but admittedly biased, supporter of Hector Lujan for Downey City Council, District 1. This is the southeast part of our city and probably the area that is in most need of a great representative. You will have that in Hector Lujan.

As Eric Pierce noted in his editorial, Hector is an “honest, ethical resident that can be trusted to represent the best interest of Downey residents.” If he had the opportunity to know him even better, like he knows the others, Hector would surely be receiving his strongest of endorsements as well.

In addition to knowing Hector as former president of AYSO, and as  a school district administrator, I have seen him and his wife, Cheri, hundreds of times over the last 22 years as they serve our community. 

Thank you for the fine work you do at the paper in covering the important issues and concerns in our wonderful community. I love living in Downey! And I’ll love it even more when Hector Lujan gets elected to the Downey City Council in District 1.

Paula Mejia