Letter to the Editor: Hillary's flip-flopping opinions

Dear Editor:

Hillary Clinton was probably the most conservative first lady, but now she wants to be the most liberal president.

In 1996, Hillary’s husband signed two of the most conservative and discriminatory bills into law: The Defense of Marriage Act, and The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act. The first outlawed same-sex marriage, and the second imposed severe punishments on undocumented immigrants. Hilary supported both laws in 1996. 

The Democratic Party now supports same-sex marriage and comprehensive immigration reform. Of course, Hillary has turned into a staunch supporter of gay and immigrant rights. It’s still difficult for me to trust her, precisely due to her constant change of opinion.

But because Donald Trump has no reasonable plans at all for the country, I will give Hillary the benefit of the doubt. After all, voters will keep her accountable.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see if Hilary will fix the problems that she once helped to create. 

Yi Zhang
Cal State Long Beach