Letter to the Editor: Ideas for Cristina Garcia

Dear Editor:

I just received a brochure from Assemblymember Cristina Garcia. It informed her constituents that our state government has now passed AB617 to improve air quality and to address pollution in cap and trade.

I’d like to know how much money has been spent on air quality in the past several years. This bill has appropriated $300 million, with more to come.

Then AB 1132 gives air pollution control to districts, which can require a facility to cease operations until a full hearing can be held. Let’s not forget pending negotiations will cost California citizens $2 million for conversion of a vacant lot, located on the boundaries of Commerce and Bel Gardens, into a park. Then $226,000 to fund transportation for school groups to the ocean.

I was 16 years old before I saw the ocean, and there are millions of children in the U.S. who either haven’t seen it or will never see it. Is there any other spending you can think of to extract money from California citizens?

Each year, Assemblymember Garcia wants to know if anyone has an idea for a new law. Can you think of a law that might cut taxes on this highly over-taxed state? Maybe make a new law saying that State Legislatures and government will not try to take away Proposition 13. Make a new law that will require Californians to obey federal laws.

While we’re at it, make a law that all government officials will obey the Constitution of California – that being Article 3, Section 6 of the Constitution, which every state official swore to do. Or maybe let us vote on whether we want a sanctuary state to protect illegal criminals. Maybe make a law to cut the outrageous tax on gasoline. Enough is enough already.

When these laws have passed, maybe I could think of a few more.

Elsa Van Leuven