Letter to the Editor: If the U.S. goes to war with North Korea, don't blame Trump

Dear Editor:

Someone posted a letter here who was worried that President Trump might get us into a war with North Korea. Such a war would be horrific. My father was killed in the Korean War when I was two years old, so I understand the abhorrence of war and would like it very much if the United States and all other nations could avoid war forever. 

But we should be rational here. If war starts it will not be because the United States, under the direction of President Trump, started a war. War would only start if North Korea launched nuclear weapons at the United States or one of our allies, whom we have promised to defend. 

I pray for peace in this and all situations. But I know that peace does not come with good intentions. This is why the United States had to go to war with Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan in the last century. As our nation suffered the loss of over 2400 people at Pearl Harbor what would have happened if we had simply ignored that and sent a letter of protest to the Japanese? 

The U.S. did not start World War II and we will not start a war with Korea. If a war is going to start let's not blame our President, let's look at reality. North Korea is threatening to murder hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people. We will be forced to protect ourselves and other people in the world. Self-defense is not only necessary in the practical sense, but morally as well. 

But let's all pray for peace and to for the end of the insanity of war until we have no other option.

Fr. John Higgins