Letter to the Editor: In defense of Jim Rodriguez

Dear Editor:
After reading the article about the new Marriott hotel, I couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy of the Patriot journalist Alex Dominguez. 

He started his article about saying Planning Commission Chairman Jim Rodriguez was nitpicking with minutia comments, then ended his article by stating that the project met “the official requirement.”

That, in fact, was the whole point of the extended “nitpicking” deliberation. The city zoning parking requirement was 227 spaces and the city staff was asking the planning commission for an exception to reduce the number to 159.  That’s 68 less spaces than required.

Thank goodness someone is paying attention and nitpicking details. The Patriot reporter Alex certainly wasn’t.
Cheri Eads

Dear Editor:
I attended the planning commission meeting on February 15 on the Marriott Hotel.

I’d like to start out by thanking Planning Commissioner Chairman Jim Rodriguez for his diligence in looking out for people’s safety (lights in back of hotel) and noise from the train. With social media, people may not want to stay there if safety and noise is a concern. Then we’ll end up with another vacant building deteriorating and vandalized. 

I’m glad that Commissioner Rodriguez has the time to dedicate to looking into “minute details” as he is looking out for the city and its residents instead of just accepting poor standards.
Renee Mills

Dear Editor:
I attended this meeting and Jim Rodriguez was doing his diligence asking pertinent questions to the senior city planner about an important project in our city. 

I was happy to see a planning chairman caring enough for his city to “drag out” the meeting while making sure our city gets the best possible outcome. 

In the future please don’t allow staff to write stupidly about important civic happenings. It cheapens your questionable value as a news organization. 
Doug Anderson