Letter to the Editor: Inviting terror

Dear Editor:

When are Americans going to realize that while we are discussing gender issues and micro-aggression, while we have students rioting over "safe zones" and "white male privilege," there are people who are planning to kill each and every one of us and are taking steps to do it?

The attack in Paris isn't just the beginning, and it's certainly not the end of the violent and militant gang of thugs who are screaming "Death to America!" and plotting to put an end to Western Civilization, Judaism, Christianity, the idea of democracy and freedom and impose a dictatorial and brutal regime on anyone who survives the slaughter. These people intend to make Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin look like choir boys. When we vote we must keep this in mind.

We cannot invite terror into our nation in any way, whether through allowing terrorists to immigrate here or through weakness in our law enforcement and military.

Thomas Woods