Letter to the Editor: ISIS vs. the U.S.

Dear Editor: 

Elsa Van Leuven's assertion (Letters to the Editor, 12/1/16) that President Obama's policies vis-a-vis ISIS have put the United States in increased danger is the height of absurdity. 

Granted, ISIS is a tough foe, with their ideological hatred of the western world. Their members are sprinkled throughout the Middle East like so many raisins in a fruit cake, and our military is given the almost impossible task of rotting out the raisins without damaging the cake. 

With that said, however, ISIS and indeed the Taliban, and Al Qaeda, are no more military threat to this country than your average pet Airedale. They have zero air force, zero navy, zero marines, and, for the most part, very little mechanized army. 

President Obama has taken a sensible and measured approach to fighting ISIS, but some Republicans, most notably Ted Cruz on the campaign trail, suggest bombing them until the "sands glow." Hot lead has been whizzing through the air of the Middle East for 15 years now, and what has it gotten us? Practically nothing. 

All these terrorist groups have a predilection for violence, but realistically, are they a military threat to the United States? Most emphatically not. 

So I don't think Ms. Van Leuven needs to be quaking in her Gucci tennis shoes. I doubt that ISIS is going to be attacking Downey any time soon. 

Jack Russell