Letter to the Editor: Jail CEOs that hire illegal immigrants

Dear Editor:

When six Republican and two Democratic presidential candidates don't have the intellect to see the differences between the symptoms and the cause of the illegal immigration problem  it shows the serious leadership crisis we have in the country.

Solving the illegal immigration problem is not rocket science once you understand why illegal immigrants come to this country. They don't come escaping religious intolerance or political instability. They only come because they can find jobs here.

Illegal immigrants find jobs because it is financially advantageous for a company to hire illegal aliens who are willing to do a job for less money than an American citizen or a legal immigrant.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Walmart has employed illegal immigrants in their janitorial crews. Does this hint to the solution to the problem? Of course, throw in jail the CEO of any company that employs illegal immigrants and the problem will disappear.

I suggest to send every CEO whose company employs illegals immigrant to jail one month for every illegal immigrant they have employed. Once this is implemented there will not be jobs available for illegal immigrants and the problem will be resolved.

The  word will  get around that they can not get jobs so illegals will stop coming to the USA. We can also apply this solution to illegal immigrants that are already here. Simply castigate the employers who hired them and once the illegals realize they will not be able to get a job they will leave.

This is a practical and pragmatic solution that uses common sense on solving the illegal immigrant problem. For this reasons it will never be implemented and we will be debating how to stop illegal immigration until hell freezes over.

Jorge Montero