Letter to the Editor: Jorge Montero for President

Dear Editor:

Two elections ago I offered myself as a better alternative than Barack Obama to be President of the United States (The Downey Patriot, June 13, 2008).

Surprisingly, the Democrats didn't take me up on my offer even though I proved that my credentials were better than Obama's. He got elected and you know the results.

I now feel myself obligated to offer the same alternative to the Republicans because I can do a better job than Donald Trump could do as President.

First, I am not smart so I have paid taxes all my life and will not have to explain why I can't show my tax returns. My taxes, though modest, will contribute to the national budget -- something that Donald will never do.

Second, I am short and homely and rather than seeing me as a threat, I awaken women's maternal protective instincts. This will win me the female vote. I won't have to apologize for misogyny attitudes like Donald did.

Third, I am an immigrant and know how to handle the illegal immigration problem. My solution is simple and effective. Throw in jail the CEO of any company or any individual who hires illegal immigrants. This action will stop the hiring of illegals. Once they realize they can't have jobs in this country, they won't come and the ones here will leave on their own accord.

Fourth, I know international trade. I have exported American products for 34 years and know how to open markets for American products. Donald only talks about trade. I do it every day.

Finally, since I have told upfront that I am an immigrant, there will be no birthism issue to exploit. These are difficult times for the country and my place of birth should not be relevant to this election. I am sure that Congress will pass a temporary exception to the American born rule because they care for the future of the country and see that I can do a better job than Donald and provide real competition to Hilary.

Jorge Montero