Letter to the Editor: Keep the Dreamers

Dear Editor:

President Trump recently announced that he would be ending DACA with about 800,000 recipients of DACA at risk of being deported. With nearly 1 million people at risk of deportation, we ask ourselves whether or not DACA should be repealed. 

Many people argue that DACA should be repealed and that those illegal immigrants that came to the U.S. should return to their country since they were brought here by their parents when they were minors. Although that may be true, these minors had choice but to be brought by their parents and come to the United States as a family. Most of these DACA recipients have spent most if not all their lives in the U.S., not even visiting their home country. 

Having about 800,000 known illegal immigrants that shouldn’t be in the U.S. some may say that we need to take action and deport these immigrants. About 700,000 people could lose important jobs and/or college degrees if DACA ends up being repealed. Dreamers are doing more good than bad in this country, gaining expertise in career jobs and their studies in universities

When President Obama first introduced DACA, most Republicans and some Democrats were against the idea of a two-year, no-worry plan for illegal immigrants that were brought into the U.S. when they were minors. Although most had concerns for the program, most people in DACA are given the option of having a social security card, driver’s license in most states, and building a credit score -- all living and paying the same amount of taxes as if they were legal immigrants in the U.S.

Repealing DACA would be a huge loss for the U.S. and President Trump should reconsider his actions against DACA with all the positive outcomes that DACA has had on the U.S.

Alexis Larios