Letter to the Editor: Leaky hydrant and overgrown trees

Dear Editor: 

We often go to the Downey Landing for shopping or eating at the local food places. We have passed by this fire hydrant on several occasions and there is a slow drip, which has been there for some time now since it now has mold growing from it.

Quick suggestion: please have them correct that, although we have had lots of rain, we are still are not out of the woods with our drought. 

Another issue I have are the trees down Lakewood Boulevard. I understand we need green, but when the roots of these trees destroy our sidewalk and cover up the nice blue lights all down the street, then they are a problem. 

Am I wrong to say that the persons who planted these trees should have known about there roots? The size they would grow and the maintenance issues of these trees. They should have told the City of Downey of the downsides of these trees.

We are now maybe contemplating fixing these cement plates around the trees. They are a hazard while walking or running. I am sure that when someone does address this, the taxpayers again will have to pay for these errors.

Hope someone hears about these because the problems will only get worse as these trees grow.

Maria Romero