Letter to the Editor: Limbaugh's distractions

Dear Editor:

Again, I would like to thank the Downey Patriot for allowing different points of view in its publication. A true democracy allows for the discourse of all.

It is so obvious that Rush Limbaugh tries to do the job of the far right to distract the public from the real issue affecting our country: the Russian interference in our affairs.

The issue is not Obama and his administration. Even President Trump conceded recently that he is in charge now.

So futile and laughable what Limbaugh tries to do: put the blame of today's problems on yesterday's leaders. It is like a fox trying to convince the hens that the problem lies with the previous occupants of the coop.

What we should focus on now is to find out whether the President or his team collaborated in the Russian interference in the elections and how much the Russians are still interfering with our way of life.

Remember when candidate Trump asked the Russians if they were listening, to look into Hillary's e-mails, as he already knew that the Russians were meddling with our affairs.
We need the truth now in order to regain our trust. 

And please, Limbaugh, don't try to confuse us with your distractions. Stop being a fox.

Guido Rivero