Letter to the Editor: Litter problem

Dear Editor:

Trash is not just a problem on Paramount Blvd., and it is a sign of lack of maturity by way too many people of Downey, despite all the wonderful things this paper reports about Downey.

Likewise, on the small street of Quinn between Wiley Burke and Old River School Road there is daily litter mostly from fast food items. The storm drain at the corner of Quinn and Wiley Burke is constantly full of very large items of trash. Furthermore, has no one else noticed all the gum smashed into the sidewalks at the entry of all our stores and restaurants?

Old River School Road (between Muller and Irwingrove) has a broken beer bottle every week -- plus litter, trash and constant noisy speeding. This is all indicative of a lot of people in Downey who are simply uncaring, irresponsible, and immature; but yet, we the people, and our leaders will not sufficiently in concert with this paper openly talk about it. We don't address it, we ignore it (just like the the trauma and litter from fireworks) until the less evolved people simply think it is okay to do these things, which in turn continuously lessens the quality of our community.

I agree there are nice things that go on in Downey, (and also lots of nice people) but there is still room for lots of education, consideration, and improvement! Throughout my life I have heard it said several times that; “if people don't litter someone won't have a job going around and cleaning up after them.” They then think they have an actual duty to litter, and this is why I say they are very immature, and therefore, all of us mature people need to in concert speak out and educate them.

In other words: if you are not willing to invite and allow others to trash your yard, your house, or your bedroom so that someone can have a job cleaning up your space, then you shouldn't be trashing our community/public space and property.

One editorial won't stop it or fix it. Just like this paper has a crime report, we need a litter report until our city has the state of cleanliness that we mature people desire.

So, thank you Fred for also noticing and speaking out in your editorial.

Jim Beaming