Letter to the Editor: Love for Trump

Dear Editor:

How audacious of Donald Trump to suggest: 

Securing our borders. This is a totally selfish idea, and we need to do the compassionate thing by allowing anyone who wants to enter our country to do so and receive all benefits allowed to them. 

Not intervening militarily in other country’s problems without being compensated for doing so. This would be so uncaring! We need to continue sacrificing the lives of young people. 

Reforming government spending. Another ridiculous idea! What difference does it make if our national debt rises to $24 trillion? All we need to do is print more paper. 

Instituting a strong foreign policy with our country’s interests coming first. This is another very selfish act. We must continue pouring money out to countries that hate us. After all, this is the path to gaining friendships. 

Changing the tax system to make it better for average Americans and businesses to remain in America and for foreign businesses to move here, thereby putting more than $1.6 trillion back into our economy and rebuilding 1.5 million jobs. This, of course, is another foolish idea. If good jobs were available, welfare and entitlements would be reduced or eliminated and this would be oh so cruel. 

There are many more outrageous ideas that “loose cannon Trump” has suggested to make America great, but evidently most Americans feel that Bernie Sanders, a declared Socialist, or Hillary Clinton, our first female president who will continue to follow President Obama’s agenda, would be better at leading our nation.

Martha Morrissy-Call