Letter to the Editor: Mario Guerra's autobiography

Dear Editor: 

I wanted to say that I thought the chapter entitled, “The Journey,” in Mario Guerra's book was very interesting. I was fascinated to learn about Mr. Guerra’s childhood.

My only complaint is that the story doesn’t explain the cultural revolution taking place all around young Mario. The description in the book does not really focus on the Cuban Revolution and all that it entailed.
Like, why for instance was young Mario’s father’s surname singled out by Castro’s forces? Was young Mario part of an affluent and influential family structure in Cuba that was singled out by Castro’s forces? Was there a Batista connection? Was young Mario’s cousin Jose Echeverria a major Cuban revolutionary more important than Castro himself?

Though I found the book interesting, it left me wanting more information.
All in all it is a straightforward and well written. But there are still many unanswered questions.
Greta Campbell