Letter to the Editor: Misleading designation

Dear Editor: 

I'm confused. Why would a person use the term "Dr." in order to run for public office? Is it to trick us through deceit? 

There is a candidate, Tammy Ashton, who is using the word "Dr." before her name even though she is not a doctor. I looked her up and she went to law school but failed the bar exam. Thus she is neither a lawyer nor a doctor. 

Does she know that in America people that went to law school are not referred to as as "Dr."? She may have a law degree, but I've never met anyone that calls their attorney "Dr.", especially one that hasn't passed the bar exam. Does that give her a right to deceive voters in making them think that she is really a doctor? 

It's a sad day when candidates have to trick people into thinking they are something they are not just to capture their uninformed vote. 

Mrs. Ashton, just be honest with us and let us decide on the merits, not your deceit and false games. I know voters have become more uninformed recently, but come on, some of us actually pay attention. 

Robert Santana