Letter to the Editor: More emphasis on the arts in Downey

Dear Editor:

Thank you so much to Lawrence Christon for the detailed and articulate open letter to Downey's new council members. I am in complete agreement with his assessment.

It should have never been allowed to get to this point. We are 3-1/2 years out from the unspeakable loss of the Downey Civic Light Opera in 2013. No art museum, and a fine symphony which needs stronger support. I have touched on these issues in my previous letters to the Downey Patriot.

I, too, implore the new, as well as returning, city council members to please do the right thing and create an environment where culture, music, and art can once again flourish in Downey.

It is my belief that before this can happen, that hoax known as VenueTech theater management company must be replaced with an ethical and fiscally responsible entity. Mr. Christon's article mentioned that they were "virtually fleecing the city". I submit that this is a vast understatement.

Mike Sanburn