Letter to the Editor: Neglected in south Downey

Dear Editor:

I know anything south of Imperial Highway is considered Bellflower’s problem. Yet, for those of us who live on that sad, neglected strip of 105 Freeway wasteland, it's almost too much. 

My main argument here is parking enforcement and the lack of any enforcement at all. I live on a double cul-de-sac. For over 24 hours, some stranger has parked their giant suburban 1.) on the curb 2.) in the middle of the street, and 3.) in front of the fire hydrant located on my lawn.

It’s ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as trying to get ahold of anyone in Downey’s law enforcement team.

If anyone actually still works at the Downey Police Department, could you do us trash on the other side of town and pay us some attention?

Katharina Bridge