Letter to the Editor: No death penalty for Boston bomber

Dear Editor:

A tremendous injustice has been perpetrated by giving the death penalty to Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. 

This action reflects our lack of understanding of this terrorist’s culture and of applying our values to individuals who don’t recognize them and for whom life is worthless.

We have helped Tsarnaev fulfill his goals. First he killed many infidels and now he’ll die and go to his promised land where he will live another life and be rewarded for his actions. He is undoubtedly smiling about his fate.

A more reasonable approach would have been to let Tsarnaev  live, but with some caveats. He should be condemned to forced hard labor and be given five lashes for every person he killed every day. His health should be carefully monitored so that he doesn’t die too soon. We must make him suffer for his actions and keeping him alive will be a form of punishment for him.

For those who think that this would be cruel punishment I ask, how cruel were this terrorist actions towards his victims and their families?

Jorge Montero