Letter to the Editor: No to legalizing marijuana

Dear Editor: 

My oh my! Guess California should be proud of itself. They have gotten the 600,000 signatures to qualify the legal sale of marijuana. 

Now the people who lead dead, boring, dull lives can get hooked on it legally. I'm sure they all know marijuana is considered to be an entry drug to more dangerous drugs. Our government just signed a bill that one must be 21 (not 18) to buy cigarettes. Is marijuana less harmful than cigarettes? 

Also, think how much easier teens will be able to get it, and how many more driving accidents will occur. Of course, medical science says it can permanently damage the brain of those under 18. Oh, but think of the upside: our state can collect taxes. We can only hope it covers the cost of rehab treatment. 

Will marijuana bring in enough taxes to cover the cost of added law enforcement? Or will it bring in enough money so the state legislatures won't have to raise taxes as proposed on the following: 

*All kinds of services, from haircuts to tax preparation to movie tickets
*SB8 is a sweeping sales tax expansion that would cost California consumers $10 billion a year. 
*SCA 5, an amendment that opens the way for annual market-value assessments and unlimited annual property tax hikes

Assembly bills: 

AB 338 - half-cent sales tax hike for 30 years
AB 746 - increases special taxes, benefit assessments and bonds
AB 1100 - ups fees on direct democracy initiatives
AB 1203 - requires homeowners to carry costly new insurance
AB 1362 - new assessments and fees on property
ABX1-8 - triples sales tax on diesel fuel
AB 72 - imposes a new, unwarranted parcel tax

The state wants to add these taxes while sitting on a $3 billion surplus. 

Wouldn't it be nice if the churches, Christians and those who care about others, especially our youth, stand up as a "light to the world" and fight this by informing everyone who will listen?

Spread the word and defeat legalizing marijuana when it comes on the ballot in November. 

Elsa Van Leuven