Letter to the Editor: No to raising the sales tax

Dear Editor: 

Wake up Downey City Council!

You don't need to waste $30,000 in taxpayer money to gauge if the citizens of Downey want to raise the city tax. The $30,000 can be better utilized in other areas.

How ridiculous to take it upon yourself to hire an agency to ask a simple question: Do you want to pay more taxes? Of course not. We already got stuck with Measure O, raising our property taxes over $250 a year; a measure that my children, personally, will not benefit from.

The city cries of not having enough funds due to minor upgrades made to parks and the need for more police for public safety. What about funds generated by all the new businesses coming to Downey? All I see is more traffic, which attracts more undesirables who commit crimes. This creates the need for additional police because we are congesting our small town with big city problems.

Our city's rapid urbanization is compromising its family hometown feel. I encourage you to think before you so easily spend money that you claim not to have.

Sandra Avalos