Letter to the Editor: Parking lot sale

Dear Editor: 

The Downey Patriot kindly gave us some coverage on our parking lot sale last Saturday, Nov. 28, from 8 a.m. to noon, to be held outside the Ralph's supermarket on Firestone to support and give a Christmas to abused children's organizations. 

I want to apologize to all who came before noon and found us not there. We were given permission from the Ralph's manager -- Pastor Valdez - and we reconfirmed three times with him to confirm the date and time. He was very helpful and enthusiastic. 

At 10 a.m., the manager working that day, Kevin Higa, came out yelling that we had to go or move. We had two 6-ft. tables outside the west entrance against the wall, away from the entrance door. I could not believe we were being told to move tables with many English-bone china I had donated from my own collection along with many other items donated by kind people who have followed my 12 years of events in Downey supporting organizations like Su Casa and the work they do. 

I was by myself and no way could I move tables. And I had permission from Ralph's -- we never do events without the correct, legal permission. The manager continued on his rant, with no interest in listening to me, yelling, "I only tell people once what to do -- move or I'll call the police." He had no interest in listening to me and that we had permission. 

My heartfelt thanks for those people who arrived earlier and made some great purchases for the holidays and to help children have a Christmas. And to Alex Veloz from Red Carpet Realty who dropped everything to help take down the tables -- with 90 minutes still to go. 

Shirley Johnson